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Posted on 04 Oct 2010 at 2:40pm

Amazing Snake with a Human Head: Can you see it?

It’s over 5,000 miles from Greece but residents from Pahang in Malaysia claim to have found a Gorgon, like the famed Medusa.

The strange creature, which has the body of a snake and the head of a human, was reportedly captured by Malaysian aborigines. The story goes that the men spotted two of the beasts, one male and one female, but only managed to catch the female. Witnesses claimed that the creature initially begged to be released back into the mountains, others say it was trying to summon the male monster to come and rescue it.

In Greek mythology Gorgons are hideous women often portrayed with live snakes for hair and a serpent’s body, one look into the eyes of a Gorgon is supposed to turn you to stone. The specimen on display in Pahang appears to be the coiled up body of a python with a human head and little skinny arms, news of the bizarre animal quickly circulated and people began paying good money to view the beast, which sadly turned out to be dead, the so called ’snake monster’ has not been verified.

Some Bahau residents captured video clips of the human-headed snake during their visit. When they showed the video clips to the others in Bahau, everyone was asking the same question: Does such thing really exist?

The video clips showed a snake curled up on a table. It possessed a python body and a human-liked head with a pair of eyes, a mouth and hair. It looked old and there was a pair of skinny legs beneath its head.

The most notable part would be its hoary hair and beard. Together with its aged features, it looked like a “snake monster”.

It was said that the public was required to pay in order to take a look at it.

Unfortunately, it was not a living snake but only a specimen instead.

The human-headed snake was said to be captured by an Orang Asli. There were two of them but the Orang Asli managed to captured only one that said to be a female.

Moaning sounds could be heard from the video clips. Some said that the female snake was begging the people to return it to the mountains while some said it was trying to summon the make snake to save her.

Here is the video footage of the creature that was passed to the Malaysian press

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