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Posted on 24 Jul 2011 at 4:07pm

Food Combinations: Whats Wrong, Whats Right?…its really educative….

The concept of combining the right foods together or avoiding certain food groups is not a new one. It’s not something that’s perhaps only found in Ayurveda but also in western naturopathy. While it’s not in a common man’s realm of understanding, it is now starting to get popular amongst people in all walks of life. The scientific reason of the food combination theory is that foods can be alkaline or acidic in nature and need certain different enzymes for digestion; if these different types of foods are mixed with each other they can cause indigestion, gas and can also lead to some pathology like arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome.


Combinations to follow:

Eat fruits alone as they get digested very quickly. When eaten with any other food like cereals or dals and meats they cross react, ferment and ultimately putrefy (decay) releasing toxic gases.

Eat melons alone; avoid eating them with any other fruits as they can not be digested well with other fruits.

Eat very starchy foods and heavy proteins separately, as they do not go together. For instance potatoes and meat or rice and chicken should be eaten separately (this may sound strange initially but optimum digestion needs such extreme alkali/acid foods to be eaten at different times).

Do not combine heavy non-veg proteins with veg proteins.

Avoid taking dairy products with citrus foods.

Avoid mixed fruit chat with potatoes.

Never cook honey. In dessert recipes it should be added at the very end and never mix it with equal quantity of ghee as this combination can prove to be toxic and poisonous.

Cold beverages like iced water and fizzy drinks should not be drunk after a meal as it decreases (digestive fire) and leads to indigestion.

Milk is incompatible with fish, meat, melons, curd, citrus fruits, bread and cherries.

Radishes are incompatible with milk, banana and raisins.

Night shade vegetables (potato, brinjal, chilies and tomatoes) should not be eaten with dairy, melons and cucumbers.

Curd should not be combined with milk, hot drinks, meat, fish and mangoes.

Eggs should not be eaten with fruit, cheese and banana.

Corn should not be mixed with dates and raisins.


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