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Posted on 18 Aug 2010 at 8:15am

Anger is inevitable in life.
Handling things in anger can bring about more problems. Bad decisions, broken relationships, hurtful words, regrets – all these are common results in not being able to manage anger properly. Getting angry is also tiring, and we just cannot change everything around us so we will not get angry. Instead, we can try to change ourselves and find ways to manage anger and rage.

Here are some ways to help you control that negative emotion of getting angry.

1. Slow down and listen.
When we are angry, we tend to do things swiftly. We think too fast that we often say harsh words that we would regret later. We refuse to listen because we want to dominate the situation, and worst, we make faulty conclusions. One of the ways to manage anger is to pause and listen. Take time to listen to the other person and take time to think what you have to say. Others would even count mentally before reacting to any situation.
2. Practice relaxation. If you are someone who easily gets angry, a good relaxation technique can be one of the effective ways to manage anger and your being hot-tempered. Meditation is one practice that can help you practice relaxation and overcome angry feelings. A simple breathing exercise may also help. Yoga can also do a good job in releasing tension in your muscles and help you get calm and relaxed. Visualization is also another technique that you can use to relax your mind. Learn to do these regularly to help you deal with bad situations that may still come.
3. Make your sense of humor work. Sometimes the feeling of getting angry can be averted by making your sense of humor work, although you must be careful not to laugh at someone that may create more trouble than calming a situation.
4. Change the way you think. These are cognitive techniques and are among the good ways to manage anger. We get angry because we think it is unfair. We get angry because things did not turn out to be what we expect. Oftentimes, our minds may lead us to exaggerated thoughts – that is why we also react to things in an angry manner. If something failed, think not about the frustration. Instead, help your mind to think that getting angry will not correct anything and can even make the problem worse. Understand the situation on another person’s point of view and try to weigh if you are not too demanding about a certain situation.
5. Avoid the things and situations that make you angry. If the things that enraged you cannot be avoided, find an alternative. If you are faced with a situation that may cause you to get angry, walking away from it for a while may help you calm down. If some people are causing your anger, you might want to avoid them in the meantime and try to patch things up when everything has cooled down.

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