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Posted on 31 Aug 2010 at 6:13am

Right, we all waste our money its a fact, oh lets buy the new Ipad and then buy a new Iphone 4. We would throw in an Apple handbag or pair of shoes if they were available to buy.

But here is a real cut up of what we waste our hard earnings on. Take a look, you wont be suprised!
1. Credit Card
This is obviously high in the running, with consumers spending millions of dollars in credit card fees each year, I forgot to pay off my credit card this month and was charged $20 for only having borrowed $190. What a complete ripp of, cut up the card and pay by cash, if you cannot afford it don’t buy it. Saving is the key to your financial success.
2. Cellphones/Mobile Phones
Like I have just said, we all want the latest gadgets, mobile phones, projectors the works. Years ago when the cellphone/mobile phone was released, developers where scared that as soon as we had one, we would never have a need for a new one. Now this is where they were wrong. On average in a lifetime an American will spend over $3500 on mobiles phones alone, that’s without paying the monthly bills on top. Pack it up and stay with pay as you go, it actually works out much much cheaper if you make a small amount of calls.
3. Cars/ Automobile
If you don’t end up paying much for the car itself, you can be 100% sure you will end up paying out on keeping it on the road. The average price for a new driver is $1300 for insurance on a car alone, without thinking about taxing the car, mot and servicing the car yearly. A quick tip, never buy a new car, even if you like the commodity of having a brand new plate, there will be a car for sale second hand with a new plate and only 100 miles on it for $$$$s cheaper.
4. Ebooks and Information
Now I thought I would add in a little flavour to this post and dediate it to the geeks out there, (like me) who purchase ebooks onh ow to become rich, I have a quick hint for you, if these methods worked, they would not release their methods. The authors make their money not from their methods, but from you buying the method. A quick tip – once you have bought an ebook, if you are unhappy with it you can request a refund from clickbank, even if the sales page didnt say it offered a money back guarantee, you have a 60 day money back guarantee without fee.
5. Memberships you never use
Have you ever joined the gym, thinking you are really going to get into it? If you havent done it already you never will. So dont waste your money on the membership. If you are going to buy a gym membership, search your local area and ask your workplace if they have any affiliating deals with gyms to get the memberships cheaper. Here is a clear indication that we waste money – Shared hosting accounts cost around $4, now if we fully used the resources and the hosting accounts, the hosting company would go bump. Because we buy things that we will never use as a comodity, businesses stay in business, although its good for the economy, its bad for your wallet.

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